Entertainment and Media Law

The Nigerian Entertainment and Media industry is at a stage of continuous development. Foreign music companies have opened offices in the territory, and Nollywood continues to make global strides.  It is therefore imperative that participants in these industries are well protected and guided.

Our services span the preparation, review and negotiation of all legal documentation including but not limited to content licences, copyright assignments, distribution agreements, commissioning agreements, cast and crew agreements, production agreements, publishing agreements, recording agreements, and advertising agreements.

Furthermore, we specifically assist our clients with new age and developing matters that are vital to the modern commercial world. As innovations such as streaming become a larger part of our day to day, the Firm advises not only the content producers but the distributors as well. In conjunction with the Intellectual Property Practice Group we provide advice on anti-piracy measures and carry out copyright registrations, and interface with regulatory bodies such as the Nigerian Copyright Commission, the Copyright Society of Nigeria and the Nigerian Film and Video Censors Board.